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The Declaration of Interdependence


This declaration hereby invites you to write your own declaration of interdependence.
Those who can not write are encouraged to speak. Those who cannot speak are encouraged to think. Those who cannot think are encouraged to feel. If you can not write something, say something. If you can not say something, think something. If you can not think something, feel something. If you can not feel something, then go and heal someone else, so that you may feel again.

i hold these truths to be self evident;
That all black lives matter.
That all black trans lives matter.
That all black women matter.
That all black children matter.
That all black men matter.
That the black liberation movement is the movement for all.

when one person dies, all people are impacted. A wave is sent reverberating throughout the universe. the fight for black liberation is connected to the fight for trans liberation is connected to the fight for the liberation of all living things, much in the way that the sun, moon, and earth are interdependent on each other for maintaining the delicate dance of rotation and orbit, that all things may have the room to breathe.

you might say that the sun does not depend on the earth. but without the earth, the sun has no purpose, at least not a purpose that can be described in the language of earthly humans.

— end —

vibes felt in the course of writing this declaration:

“At 38th and Chicago Ave., we are (re)learning ways of community safety. Interdependence and mutual aid are a cornerstone of our efforts. After meeting with the mayor on Friday night, we at George Floyd Square are even more committed to insisting on equitable resources to forge a community that is safe and sustainable while we maintain this new national landmark in Civil Rights history. The world is watching…” — Marcia Howard (2021)

“…I must go and see who is needing what within my own neighborhood, whether it be food or heat or clothing, for my well-being in dependent upon theirs…” (paraphrased) — new york asians 4 abolition virtual communitea meeting attendee (2021)

“…when we see each other as brothers and sisters…when we see each other as brothers and sisters…” — #terrorhaute anti death penalty protester on megaphone (2021)

“your simple existence is a poetic form of resistance” — los angeles poem excerpt written by global call to action leader (2020)

Translation of “Interdependence” in other languages:
Hindi: परस्पर निर्भरता (paraspar nirbharta)
West African:
(more languages coming soon — )




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