When I was taking drum set lessons with Brett Deptula, he would emphasize this point: if the audience isn’t physically moving then you have not done your job as a drummer.

So when I detect movement, I find it significant. Movement tells me that people are having a physical response…

The Declaration of Interdependence


This declaration hereby invites you to write your own declaration of interdependence.
Those who can not write are encouraged to speak. Those who cannot speak are encouraged to think. Those who cannot think are encouraged to feel. If you can not write something, say something. If…

“…I’m thinking about the teachers who work with this [special education] population that is often left out of the conversation.”

This post is part of my series called #WeTheTeachers highlighting different ways in which K-12 teachers are adapting their classrooms to covid-19. The text is transcribed from my phone interview with Shanel M. conducted on Monday September 14th, 2020. (Last Edited Date: September 16th, 2020)

Key: Q=ChicagoGupta, A=Shanel

Q1: Can you provide some background on your teaching environment?

A1: [I]…

Image submitted by Lillian White (subject) with permission to use in this blog post. The “black lives matter” mask featured was hand-made by Lillian White herself.

[This article is part of my new project #WeTheTeachers in which I am amplifying the voices of my fellow K-12 teachers around the United States. Below is the text transcription of my interview with 4th Grade Art Teacher Lillian White.]

After Lillian White began posting publicly on Facebook about her…

I attended the Potluck Protest in Dallas, TX. When I got to Reverchon Park, I was a little early and ran into a friend who was helping her mom set up one of the food vendor stations. …

For a chance to get featured on my blog, write up your responses to the questions below (and include photos too!). Then send it to me via e-mail at cgupta731 at gmail. I will review and let you know if and when it is going to get posted.

My Questions


Traveling Music Teacher & Journalist

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