“…I’m thinking about the teachers who work with this [special education] population that is often left out of the conversation.”

This post is part of my series called #WeTheTeachers highlighting different ways in which K-12 teachers are adapting their classrooms to covid-19. The text is transcribed from my phone interview with Shanel M. conducted on Monday September 14th, 2020. (Last Edited Date: September 16th, 2020)

Key: Q=ChicagoGupta, A=Shanel

Q1: Can you provide some background on your teaching environment?

A1: [I] specifically worked with majority hispanic students within a [majority] white population. Mostly my students are kids who socially and economically don’t have peers.

Every Friday I lead my students through yoga. [It is] pretty interactive. We have a student who is wheelchair bound, so I am doing what I can to make her feel included even though she can’t do all the poses. I see all of them. I’m including all of them. …

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Image submitted by Lillian White (subject) with permission to use in this blog post. The “black lives matter” mask featured was hand-made by Lillian White herself.

[This article is part of my new project #WeTheTeachers in which I am amplifying the voices of my fellow K-12 teachers around the United States. Below is the text transcription of my interview with 4th Grade Art Teacher Lillian White.]

After Lillian White began posting publicly on Facebook about her school’s response to her “black lives matter” mask, various media outlets have published her story, and that’s how I heard about her case. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about her experience, so I reached out to her via e-mail to schedule this interview.

I attended the Potluck Protest in Dallas, TX. When I got to Reverchon Park, I was a little early and ran into a friend who was helping her mom set up one of the food vendor stations. So I volunteered to help set things up, and quickly found myself in the back of one of the organizer’s pick-up trucks transporting folding tables, chairs, and sound equipment to the outdoor event area. Read on if you’re thinking of attending/organizing a Potluck Protest in your city — I have also included information on how to contact The Potluck Protest at the end.

Meet the organizers below:

Jeziel Jones & Deah Berry…

For a chance to get featured on my blog, write up your responses to the questions below (and include photos too!). Then send it to me via e-mail at cgupta731 at gmail. I will review and let you know if and when it is going to get posted.

My Questions

  • What are you up to in life?
  • How can others support you in what you’re up to?
  • What is the best way to reach you if someone has questions for you?
  • You’ve worked with all sorts of people— what trends have you observed in human behavior?
  • What are you reading these days? …



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